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Woodland Hills Criminal Defense Attorney

Woodland Hills Criminal Defense Attorney

Facing criminal charges of any kind in Woodland Hills, CA, can be a frightening and isolating experience. Regardless of whether this is your first arrest or you have an extensive record, and no matter the severity of your offense, you need criminal defense representation you can trust to help you navigate the difficult proceedings that follow. The team at the Law Offices of James E. Silverstein can offer the comprehensive and detail-oriented criminal defense counsel you need on your side when faced with criminal charges in Woodland Hills.

Woodland Hills Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Defense Representation for Woodland Hills, CA, Clients

Every American citizen has the constitutional right to legal counsel when charged with any criminal offense. While the court can provide a public defender at no charge to any defendant unable or unwilling to hire private counsel, it is always worth investing in a private Woodland Hills criminal defense attorney if you have the means to do so. The right legal team can provide comprehensive legal counsel throughout all stages of your case, and the Law Offices of James E. Silverstein has extensive professional experience handling a wide breadth of criminal cases.

Why You Need Criminal Defense Counsel

The outcome of your impending criminal case is likely to influence your life in various ways for years to come. Depending on the nature and severity of the offense in question, you may face not only the penalties assigned by the court but also the loss of professional licenses you hold and membership in professional organizations. You may also have trouble finding work in the future due to your criminal record, and the financial impact of conviction could be more extensive than you are prepared to handle on your own.

A good criminal defense attorney can potentially help you avoid conviction. If you did not commit the crime in question and were wrongfully arrested, a good attorney will focus on gathering exculpatory evidence and/or establishing an alibi. They can also show the holes in the prosecution’s case when they lack the necessary evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Ultimately, the right criminal defense attorney can make a tremendous difference in the outcome of your case in Woodland Hills. The Law Offices of James E. Silverstein has helped many past clients approach their criminal court proceedings with greater confidence, ultimately helping many of them secure much better outcomes than they initially anticipated. When you choose our firm to represent you in any criminal case, you can expect responsive communication from our team through every stage of your court proceedings. We’ll help you make informed decisions about your case and prepare you for each court session until you reach the most favorable result possible.

Types of Cases We Handle

When you need criminal defense representation in Woodland Hills, CA, it is crucial to choose an attorney who has proven professional experience in handling cases similar to yours. The Law Offices of James E. Silverstein can develop client-focused legal strategies for clients facing a wide range of criminal charges in the Woodland Hills area, including:

  • Drug offenses. These are some of the most commonly prosecuted criminal offenses in California. While the state enforces some of the most relaxed penalties for drug-related offenses in the United States, any defendant charged with a drug-related crime could face a host of penalties depending on the type of substance, quantity, and their intentions with it. For example, simple possession of an illicit substance intended for personal use incurs a lighter penalty than possession with intent to sell or distribute.
  • Sex crimes. Sex-related criminal offenses often qualify for felony prosecution, and convicted defendants face a host of penalties. Some defendants will be compelled to register as sex offenders in a publicly readable database. Their sex offender status will also restrict their living and employment options significantly.
  • Violent crimes. Penalties for violent crimes in California can include incarceration in state prison, heavy fines, and restitution to victims. Self-defense is typically the only viable defense for a defendant charged with assault or similar offenses. It is also possible for penalties to increase dramatically when a defendant used a weapon in a violent crime and/or caused severe injury or death to a victim.
  • White-collar crimes. This term applies to crimes that are usually financial and nonviolent in nature. Embezzlement, insider trading, and various other forms of securities fraud are prevalent in US companies. Penalties can include very heavy fines based on the total size of the organization in question, the amount stolen by the defendant, and the manner in which they engaged in these activities.
  • Driving under the influence (DUI). Every state in the country enforces unique laws pertaining to DUI. In California, the penalties for conviction of a first DUI offense generally include fines, jail time, and a driver’s license suspension. Some first offenders may qualify for reduced penalties or diversionary sentencing, and repeat offenders face significantly harsher penalties for new DUI convictions.
  • Domestic violence. Any act of domestic violence can lead to not only extensive criminal court proceedings but also family court proceedings. If you have been accused of domestic violence, penalties for conviction may not only include fines, incarceration, and liability for the victim’s damages but also loss of custody rights and forced compliance with a restraining order.

It is very easy for anyone to feel as though the entire criminal justice system is working against them in their criminal case. The right attorney is an invaluable asset no matter what kind of charges you face or what unique details your case involves.

Potential Penalties for Conviction

It’s understandable for anyone facing criminal charges in California to worry about the potential penalties they face, especially incarceration. Most criminal offenses in California fall into misdemeanor and felony designations based on their severity. Some offenses, such as DUI, are considered “wobblers” as they “wobble” between misdemeanor and felony status on a case-by-case basis. Both misdemeanors and felonies in California can potentially lead to fines, incarceration, civil liabilities, and loss of constitutional rights. However, the latter tends to involve much harsher penalties than the former.

California also enforces the notorious Three Strikes Law. Under this statute, anyone convicted of three felonies automatically qualifies for 25 years to life in state prison. It is also possible for any criminal conviction to carry various professional penalties for the defendant. They may have a professional license revoked, they could lose membership in their professional organizations, and their professional reputation could be irreparably damaged by their criminal record.

An experienced Woodland Hills criminal defense attorney can be an invaluable asset, no matter what your case entails. Whether you committed the crime in question and worry about the penalties you face or need help establishing an alibi in the face of a wrongful accusation, we can help. The Law Offices of James E. Silverstein has years of professional legal experience we are ready to extend to you in your case.

Resolving a Criminal Case in Woodland Hills, CA

The criminal justice system of the United States revolves around the presumption of innocence. This means a defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt by a jury of their peers. The prosecution bringing charges against the defendant has the burden of proving the defendant’s guilt. While it’s technically possible for a defendant to do nothing and the prosecution’s case to collapse on its own, it is always best to be proactive in building a defense against any criminal charges in California.

If you did not commit the offense in question, your attorney must focus on highlighting the errors and inconsistencies in the prosecution’s case and submitting exculpatory evidence that supports your defense. It’s also possible for various expert witnesses to play pivotal roles in multifaceted criminal cases, explaining technical or otherwise complex details to the judge and jury in understandable terms.

If you are guilty and the prosecution has the evidence it needs for a conviction, your attorney can still be an invaluable asset when it comes to mitigating the results of your case. Plea deals are sometimes offered to first-time offenders who commit nonviolent crimes. It’s also possible for a plea deal or diversionary sentencing to be offered to a defendant who struggles with a diagnosed mental health condition or substance abuse disorder.

The Law Offices of James E. Silverstein has years of experience handling criminal defense for Woodland Hills, CA, clients and knows that no two cases are exactly alike. Every defendant needs individualized legal counsel they can trust to reach the best possible outcome for their case. When you choose our firm to represent you, we’ll help you determine the best legal strategies available to you and work toward building a defense that suits your best interests.

Time is a critical factor in any criminal case. As soon as you complete the arrest and booking process, you should reach out to a Woodland Hills criminal defense attorney when you are allowed to make your phone calls. The Law Offices of James E. Silverstein can provide the rapid legal response to your situation that you need to navigate it as efficiently as possible. Contact our team today and schedule your consultation with a Woodland Hills criminal defense attorney you can trust with your defense.

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