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Calabasas Juvenile Lawyer

Calabasas Juvenile Lawyer

In the Juvenile Justice System it is important to have an experienced criminal defense attorney. That is familiar with the juvenile system, and has a track record of success. He is experienced with rehabilitation programs that are alternatives to being placed in custody or being sent to adult court. He believes that the Juvenile Court System was designed to rehabilitate not punish.

As in the adult system, Mr. Silverstein has had extraordinary success with settling and trying juvenile cases. The list of juvenile crimes are as extensive as the list of adult crimes, the procedures however are quite different. For instance, unless the juvenile is sent to adult court (which creates a greater burden on the juvenile he or she is not entitled to a jury trial. If caught early enough Mr. Silverstein has prevented charges from being filed by working with law enforcement and the District Attorney’s office. If charges are filed Mr. Silverstein has all the resources available to affect a beneficial plea bargain. If a plea bargain cannot come to pass, he also has the resources to file necessary pre-trial motions and conduct an energetic and strong defense.

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