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Calabasas Bail Reduction Attorney

Calabasas Bail Reduction Attorney

Bail reductions are necessary in order to not only save money for the client but to also help the client gain his or her freedom pending the outcome of the case, which may take months and even years. Bail reduction motions are one of the first things necessary to calendar if the client is in custody. Bail can be posted in cash, wherein the depositor would post the cash required.

Since most people do not have large sums of cash available for this type of problem, there is the second option, the posting of a bail bond. This office works in cooperation with bail bond agencies to arrange for these types of bonds. They require a 10% premium for their fee and some kind of collateral, usually real estate, for the amount of the bond. Hypothetically, if the bond were $100,000, the premium would be $10,000. The bail bond agency also requires collateral. Collateral can take many forms. Although, it is usually real estate, it can also be automobiles, bank accounts, stock certificates, etc. The later would continue to accrue interest but be held by the bail bond agency for the $100,000 the company has posted. All this collateral will be returned when the case is completed and the bond exonerated.

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