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Wow! I had a PC1000 case hanging over my head since 2018, and now it’s all over and dismissed- Thank You James! I am so blessed to have had you represent my future. James has strong values which guide him to work hard in your favor. Here is a man a trust fully , especially when my freedom is at stake!


James E. Silverstein represented me for an extremely difficult case which took many months and some clever jousting, for want of a better word, and managed to achieve a favorable result. He was always available when I called him and kept me up to date with the progress of the case. I am extremely

Excellent representation

As a 10-year client, Mr. Silverstein has represented the owner of our company on various moving violations throughout the years. His experience and knowledge of the LA Courts and Judges, has always been successful with dismissals of our cases. His law firm is straight-forward, minimal paperwork, great communication, and very easy to reach if you need to speak with him. Unheard of these days in Los Angeles. He is excellent and I highly recommend.

A Great Attorney with Proven Results

We are forever grateful for James! We were in a very bad position facing charges that could potentially destroy our lives. We are so happy we hired James as he was with us through the entire process—never more than an email or call away. He was always there for us to offer a reassuring word and we are so grateful for the patience he demonstrated no matter how many times we reached out. His connections and skills are top notch—he was able to get our charges dropped and we never had to even go to court! He is truly a miracle worker.

Outstanding Attorney

Our family was very lucky to be referred to James E. Silverstein on a case that started out with 3 felony charges and with his very wise counsel, expertise and representation was reduced in court to one misdemeanor charge. His attentiveness and kindness toward us was genuine over the year he worked on the case. When we went to court last week, we observed three attorneys go before the judge before our case was called. Their presentations were not impressive and their motions were all denied. Our case was called and James was so professional and impressive. The judge accepted all recommendations without questions and we left with a heavy burden lifted.

Outstanding Attorney

Mr. James E. Silverstein is a wonderful lawyer and got my traffic case dismissed. His office is conveniently located in Beverly Hills. He kept me updated on his progress. He is professional and organized.I definitely recommend Mr. Silverstein to anyone who needs a great lawyer.

Case Dismissed

I am beyond thankful for James! Let me start off by saying how genuine and attentive he is! No lawyer compares to him! He kept me away from jail time, misdemeanor, points etc. I did not need to take days off of work either! I highly recommend! Thank you again, James!

Case dismissal

I’m extremely satisfied with Attorney James E. Silverstein. He was patient and very knowledgeable. A good friend of mine referred him to me, and as we know word of mouth referrals are always most trustworthy!
He handled a Traffic Citation I had for speeding and was able to get it dismissed for me. He saved me money, and a point on my driving privilege. All i did was give him the ticket and he was very fast at getting to work on it. I recommend him to anyone, who doesn’t have time to deal with these painful traffic citations, and of course want to maintain a clean driving record lol.
THANK YOU AGAIN Mr. Silverstein.

Citation Dismissed!

I am so thankful to James for everything he did to help me not only get my case completely dismissed, but for always being willing to listen and offer comforting and confident words of encouragement during a time that was very unsettling. If it had not been for Mr.Silverstein the outcome of this situation would have been far more costly, timely, and potentially detrimental to my future.

Help you can count on

My friend borrowed my car and got a stupid red light camera ticket by making a right-turn-on-red near the Metro Orange Line. The ticket came in my name for $500. I read that supposedly you can ignore these but after months of ignoring it and several notices from the court, a letter came from the DMV stating that my license was going to be suspended for failure to appear. Now there’s two charges against me – the failure to appear and the actual citation. James met me at the court on two occasions. On the first occasion he got the FTA thrown out. On the second occasion he saw the judge while I waited outside the courtroom. 45 minutes later he emerged from the court and said “dismissed.” Fantastic! James was honest, professional, friendly and knew what he was doing. Couldn’t ask for more.

Red Light Camera Ticket

I can’t say enough great things about James E. Silverstein. He is both experienced and an expert in Criminal Law, and he came highly recommended by an attorney friend of mine. I retained him on a traffic case, and he made himself available before our 1st meeting to answer all of my questions over the phone (on a weekend). Then at our meeting, he listened carefully to everything I had to say about the case (I was pretty emotional), then he explained thoroughly about his experience with similar cases in the past, and was very honest about the possibilities of what COULD happen in situations like these. At the same time, he reassured me that he will do whatever it takes to fight the case. And HE DID! He got me out of a case, and I owe him my life! James is very good about following up on new developments, and giving the best advice on how to win a case. His assistants always made sure to return my calls if I had any questions/concerns, and I was continually impressed with the level of professionalism and service they provided. If you are looking for an attorney who can help, I highly recommend James E. Silverstein. He will and can help!

One of the best Criminal Defense Lawyer in LA

Auto vandalism- Mr. Silverstein navigated me through what I needed to do to get restitution for my vehicle that was damaged and had get the receipts from my mechanic and present them to the court for restitution which I had no clue how to do and was most helpful .

Hit n run- I was accused of hitting and running from an accident. Per Mr Silverstein, I took a picture of the front of my car and no parts were taken or damaged and nothing was changed. In the picture, you can still see the sun fade on the top of the bumper from age fade from the sun, the airbag did not deploy and it was Mr. Silverstein’s deduction that someone hit the person 2 cards in front of me and then immediately moved into the next lane before the injured party could react and I just happen to be the first car that they saw.

Auto vandalism/ hit n run

I have nothing but the best to say about James. He is patient and kind, responded to every single one of my emails with care and understanding. He made my case a priority to him, he never took longer than a few hours (if not minutes) to respond to me, even if I had the dumbest question. When shopping for a lawyer I saw one other prior to meeting with James and the minute I stepped into James’ office I felt reassured and had an immediate feeling of trust. I know how scary legal troubles can be, but do yourself a favor and hire James. My case was dismissed, enough said.

Fantastic Lawyer!

James is the utmost of professionals!!! I have had the pleasure of having him numerous times as guest/expert on my KABC radio show. He knows criminal law inside and out and is a great relief to our vast listening audience!

Stan K

James is the man! We all make some mistakes, some more serious than others. I would have had to serve serious jail time if it wasn’t for his experience, the way he was able to see parts of my case that I didn’t realize would work in my favor, and of course his aggressive style in the courtroom. My felony (you don’t want to know) was reduced to a misdemeanor, and I received 3 years summary probation. No jail time! Didn’t lose a moment with my kids. If you’re looking for a real criminal attorney that knows the ins and outs of the legal system, James is the man.

Felony reduced to misdemeanor, summary probation
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