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How Do I Choose a Good Criminal Defense Lawyer in Los Angeles?

How Do I Choose a Good Criminal Defense Lawyer in Los Angeles?

If you were recently arrested for any criminal charge, it is vital that you choose a good criminal defense lawyer in Los Angeles. While there are plenty to choose from, doing some research to ensure your attorney is experienced and skilled in the crime you are charged with is crucial.

The first thing a good criminal defense attorney wants you to do is know your constitutional rights. You have the right to remain silent under the Fifth Amendment. You are not required to act as a witness against yourself and do not need to answer any questions after an arrest. You also have the right to legal representation under the Sixth Amendment. Take full advantage of this right and find a criminal defense lawyer you can trust as soon as possible.

The right criminal defense attorney is an invaluable asset no matter what type of charges you face. You may be kept in police custody after booking, depending on the charges against you and your criminal record, but you will have the opportunity to make phone calls to family and to contact an attorney who can represent you.

Finding Your Defense Attorney

You have a limited time in which to secure legal representation for your impending criminal case. While it is vital to take time to find the right attorney, you also need to act quickly. There are thousands of private criminal defense attorneys working in Los Angeles, so you need to know how to narrow down your options to the most viable candidates as quickly as you can. A few criteria you should closely evaluate when considering potential defense attorneys include:

  • It’s vital to choose not only an attorney with many years of experience in criminal defense law but also one who has specific experience handling cases like yours. For example, if you have been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs, you need to find an attorney with a strong record of successful DUI defense cases.
  • Criminal defense attorneys typically manage several cases at a time because of the long lapses between proceedings. One client may have a hearing and then need to wait several weeks for further developments. In the meantime, the defense attorney can provide counsel to other clients. A good defense attorney can maintain a balanced caseload so they can offer adequate personal attention to each client they represent.
  • Make sure your chosen attorney offers several methods to contact them. They should be able to provide updates on your case as it progresses and answer your questions and concerns diligently.
  • Private defense counsel can be expensive, but a good defense lawyer should carefully explain their billing policy and use their time working on your case as efficiently as possible.

Many private criminal defense attorneys offer free or low-cost consultations to prospective new clients. If you have the opportunity to arrange a consultation, this is a chance to interview them and find out if they are the right fit for your case.

Again, you typically have very little time to work with after an arrest, and it is vital to find a defense attorney you can trust as soon as possible. However, it is worth taking the time to arrange a consultation so you can get to know a potential attorney a bit better before hiring them to represent you.

The right criminal defense attorney on your side can mean the difference between case dismissal and conviction, so it is vital not to take this decision lightly. Take time to evaluate your options and choose the defense attorney who inspires you with the most confidence about your situation.

The Law Offices of James E. Silverstein can provide robust defense representation in a wide range of difficult criminal cases. We know you are likely to have many important questions about your situation, and we want to provide the direction and support you need at this time. The sooner you reach out to our firm, the sooner our team can start building your defense.


Q: What Is the Most Important Attribute for a Defense Attorney?

A: The defense attorney you choose to represent you in Los Angeles should have extensive experience handling cases similar to yours. Not only should they have a long track record of successful criminal defense cases, but they should also demonstrate a keen understanding of the specific type of charges you currently face. A good defense attorney should be responsive, discreet, and provide helpful insights into the most challenging aspects of your case.

Q: How Soon Should I Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney After Arrest?

A: It is vital that you exercise your right to legal counsel as soon as possible after arrest and booking for any criminal offense. The more time your attorney has to work on your case, the more likely you are to succeed with your defense. While you should not rush your decision to hire the first defense attorney you can find, you should also not waste too much time in selecting an attorney to represent you.

Q: How Long Does It Take to Complete a Criminal Case in Los Angeles?

A: Every criminal case is different, and the criminal justice system of Los Angeles is one of the most overburdened in the country. This means it can take quite a long time for your case to unfold, depending on the number and severity of the charges against you and other details of the case. Your defense attorney can help determine whether you have any options for expediting your case and will identify opportunities for streamlining your proceedings.

Q: How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney in Los Angeles?

A: Most private criminal defense attorneys representing clients in Los Angeles charge hourly rates. The attorney sets their rate for a client and then tracks their time spent working on the case, usually in 10- to 15-minute increments. For example, if an attorney charges $300 per hour, this would mean every 10 minutes they spend working on the case would cost the client $50. Always verify a potential attorney’s billing policy before signing a contract for their representation.

The Law Offices of James E. Silverstein can provide the client-focused defense representation you need in your impending case. We know the stress and uncertainty that can follow any arrest in Los Angeles and want to help you approach the situation with confidence. Contact our team today to schedule your free consultation with a defense attorney you can trust.


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