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Calabasas Domestic Violence Criminal Defense Attorney

Calabasas Domestic Violence Criminal Defense Attorney

Finding a domestic violence defense attorney who is well-versed in reviewing claims of injury, interviewing witnesses, and contesting the accuracy of evidence is crucial for formulating a strong defense. For expert help with a domestic violence charge in the Calabasas area, the Law Office of James E. Silverstein is available to provide the legal expertise to expertly handle your case.

Calabasas Domestic Violence Attorney

What Is Legally Considered Domestic Violence?

The California Penal Code, specifically Section 273.5, makes Domestic Violence a crime, stating that sexual assault, intimidation, and threats towards another person, consisting of unlawful physical force and/or verbal abuse, accompanied with the intent to harm your spouse, domestic partner, lover, grandparents, and children is classified as domestic violence. Victims are typically relatives or those in your immediate family but can also include unrelated romantic partners in a relationship.

How Severe Is a Domestic Violence Charge?

Like most crimes, a domestic violence charge can be either a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the discretion of the prosecution and the extent of the injuries. Often referred to as a wobbler crime, the prosecution will evaluate the facts of the case – including any admissible evidence, witness testimony, previous court appearances, etc. – and decide at which level to issue charges.

For example, in cases with minor injuries, or fewer reported instances, the charges filed can result in a misdemeanor. However, if more complex injuries exist, including fractures or significant cuts and bruises, the resulting charge can be a felony. After the outcome of the trial, the defendant can face stiff court penalties, including, but not limited to, jail incarceration, a restraining order, probation, a steep fine, a year of domestic violence counseling, restitution, and community service.

In addition to heavy sentencing, a domestic violence conviction will both seriously tarnish the offender’s reputation in the community and could damage relations between the defendant and victim(s) if proven true or if the accusations are brought up in court. Moreover, these charges carry a heavy weight for the accused, resulting in the defendant losing their job or their right to own, use, or possess a firearm. That being said, the societal repercussions of these charges can include alienation from friends and family, as well as the social stigma of being labeled an “abuser,” which can be detrimental to relationship maintenance and relationship building. The severity of these cases requires top-notch legal discretion, and no other firm compares to the expertise of the Law Office of James E. Silverstein.

Can a Domestic Violence Case Be Dismissed in California?

As with any legal case, the presentation of evidence from both sides, along with any changes to the basic facts of the case, can cause the subject matter and severity of the charges to change. Depending on the evidence presented by the prosecution, our team can provide you the support needed to properly evaluate the Domestic Violence charges against you, possibly getting them dismissed or reduced. For example, if the prosecution is presenting your case in the hope of charging you with a felony, but the evidence presented does not merit a felony charge or even a misdemeanor charge, the case can get dismissed.

How Do You Win a Domestic Violence Defense Case?

Before entering any legal proceeding, James E. Silverstein will spend the time necessary with you and your family to carefully review and analyze the facts of your case, answering your questions and compiling a strong defense for your case. James E. Silverstein also associates with some of the best private investigators in California to ensure that every piece of evidence compiled by the state is carefully explored and investigated, including witness statements, site exploration, crime scene reproductions, and the preservation of evidence.

James E. Silverstein is a heavy-hitting, top-notch criminal defense lawyer, with experience working in the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. He has handled countless Domestic Violence cases, providing clients with excellent legal aid in their time of need. Attorney James E. Silverstein is well-versed in Domestic Violence Law and has an expert understanding of the stipulations contained in Penal Code Section 1203.097, providing his clients with the services they need to get their life back on track.

James E. Silverstein is well-versed in your statutory and constitutional rights, and he has the experience, ability, respect, and relationships necessary to ensure that you receive the legal defense that you deserve. For such a severe and weighted charge, having the strongest defense begins with a legal team able to properly compile a wealth of evidence able to keep you from a tarnished reputation.

When to Seek a California Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

Any case deserves a proper trial, and domestic violence accusations are no exception. With years of experience, James E. Silverstein is innovative and tenacious, and he will do everything in his power to keep you out of jail, helping you get back to your daily life without the repercussions brought on by a domestic violence charge. For those searching for domestic violence defense in the Calabasas area, contact the Law Offices of James E. Silverstein for a free consultation today, either with our online consultation form or by phone at 747-230-4468.


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