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Calabasas Domestic Violence Attorney

The California Penal Code, including Section 273.5, makes Domestic Violence a crime. Victims can include your spouse, domestic partner, your lover, and your grandparents or children. Domestic Violence includes unlawful physical force and/or verbal abuse, accompanied with the intent to harm the spouse, domestic partner, lover, grandparents, and children. Domestic Violence includes sexual abuse, intimidation, and threats.

A domestic violence charge can be either a misdemeanor or felony, and can subject the defendant to stiff court penalties, including, but not limited to, jail incarceration, a restraining order, probation, a steep fine, a year of domestic violence counseling, restitution, and community service.

In addition, a domestic violence conviction will seriously tarnish the offender’s reputation in the community, and could damage relations between the defendant and victim(s). Moreover, the defendant could lose his job, and his right to own, use, or possess a firearm.

James E. Silverstein is a heavy-hitting, top-notch criminal defense lawyer, who also worked for the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. He has handled countless Domestic Violence cases. Attorney James E. Silverstein is well-versed in Domestic Violence law, including Penal Code Section 1203.097, and has achieved excellent results for his clients before. James E. Silverstein is well-versed in your statutory and constitutional rights, and he has the experience, ability, respect, and relationships necessary to ensure that you receive the legal defense that you deserve. James E. Silverstein will spend the time necessary with you and your family to carefully review and analyze the facts of your case, and to answer your questions. James E. Silverstein also associates with some of the best private investigators in California to ensure that every pertinent aspect of the government’s case is carefully explored and investigated, including witness statements, site exploration, crime scene reproductions, and the preservation of evidence.

James E. Silverstein is innovative, tenacious, and he will do everything in his power to keep you out of jail and have the Domestic Violence charges against you dismissed or reduced.

Do you need an experienced Southern California DOMESTIC VIOLENCE Defense Lawyer? Contact the Law Offices of James E. Silverstein for a free consultation today at 747-230-4468.

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